Having to deal with email scams and telemarketers is trouble enough, but now we have to be careful about answering unknown numbers or returning missed calls.  The latest strategy to scam unsuspecting consumers is known as “Ring and run” and is being done over the phone.  A lot of times you may receive a call from an unknown number and you either answer it or let it go to voicemail.  Scammers will call you from an international area code which could end up costing you more than $20 a minute!  They will call and hang up after the first ring which will entice you to call back and see who it was.  Or they will call and when you answer they make a groaning sound and then hang up to create a sense of urgency and worry.  Below is a list of international (not including Canada) area codes to be careful of.  Keep an eye out for these area codes and do not answer if you ever see a call from them.  Spread the word to family and friends, we hope that none of our Geeksters and friends will be safe from this sneaky scam.

*Area codes in red are the ones most commonly used to scam.*

242– Bahamas 441 – Bermuda 784 – St. Vincent & Grenadines
246 – Barbados 473 – Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique 809, 829, 849 – Dominican Republic
264 – Anguilla 649 – Turks and Caicos 868 – Trinidad and Tobago
268 – Antigua 664 – Montserrat 876 – Jamaica
284 – British Virgin Islands 758 – St Lucia 869 – St. Kitts & Nevis
345 – Cayman Islands 767 – Dominica  

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