When you don’t necessarily want to flood your social media photo after photo or multiple collages, you need another way to share those special memories.  Birthdays, weddings, graduations, and more; you don’t want to miss out on sharing it all.  Twitter and Instagram are more for sharing a photo at a time so it’s not ideal for sharing an album’s worth of photos.   Facebook does allow you to create albums and share them with friends, but sometimes you may not want to share them with your entire friends list.  Check out these photo sharing apps that allow you to share your favorite moments and decide exactly who you share them with.


Cluster is an app that allows you to make photo sharing privately easier than ever.  You have full control of who you share with and who can view your photos.  Only those who are invited by you personally will have access to view all your fun and special memories.  Ideal for growing families who want to share special moments with relatives who may not live close by, and the friends you have all over the world.  You’ll never have to worry about followers on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram complaining or getting annoyed about too many posts; you can share as much as you want with whoever you want.  It’s simple to use and the users you allow to view your album can also contribute to it.  Download it for FREE from iTunes and Google Play.


Pinterest may not be the first app that comes to mind when wanting to share photos with family or friends.  Normally Pinterest is known for sharing fashion, beauty, recipes, crafts, home décor, and more; but it really does come in handy for photo sharing.  On Pinterest you can make a board which will act as an album and you have the ability to share that with friends also on Pinterest or even through other social media outlets.   You are also able to make your board private if you don’t want others or the public to view it. This app is a multi-functional tool and can really come in handy in many ways.  Pinterest is FREE to download from iTunes and Google Play.

BitTorrent Shoot

Photo sharing has never been easier.  BitTorrent Shoot lets you upload large batches of photos or videos without worry.  Share to your heart’s content and let your family and friends feel as if they’re right there with you.  Whether they use iOS or Android, you’ll be able to share all your memories with them seamlessly.  BitTorrent Shoot can handle large files so you can upload and share easily; it’s easy to use and makes the headache of sending photos a thing of the past.  Try it out today; you can download it for FREE from iTunes and Google Play.

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