Nowadays, products that can offer multi-functionality and are portable are a gadget lover’s dream.  PhotoFast’s MemoriesCable delivers on both of these requirements.  It may look small, but when you find out just what it can do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  MemoriesCable for the iPhone or iPad is not only a compact and portable charging cable; it’s also a convenient external storage device.  How much can you really fit onto such a small device, you ask?  Well, the PhotoFast MemoriesCable offers up an impressive 128GB of storage space!  The sleek design of the MemoriesCable will make your life much easier by not having to lug around a bulky mess of cables.  It measures at just 13cm in length and weighs in at a mere 9.4g; and not to mention that it folds up to be even more portable.  You can enjoy thousands of songs, videos, or photos anytime and anywhere with the MemoriesCable.  Back up all your photos to clear up space on your iPhone with ease and never worry about missing out on the perfect photo opp.  The easy to use app allows you to carry out all these functions and more!  A price has not been confirmed for the 128GB MemoriesCable, but the 64GB MemoriesCable is available on Amazon for $159.99.

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