If you’ve been looking for an easier way to view documents, photos, listen to MP3 files as well as manage everything from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad; then Pocket Drive + is just the app for you!  You will be able to easily access any of your documents and files anytime and anywhere.   There’s basically no set up required and no need to enter IP addresses.  Pocket Drive + will automatically sync with your laptop and it works easily with Windows Explorer.  It will support practically any file so it’s convenient and easy to use.  There’s an unlimited amount of files and sub folders, so you can organize your files and documents exactly how you like.  No cables or flash drives to mess with, just a quick and easy setup.  Pocket Drive + allows you to download files from the web, manage archived files, open and view email attachments, view your personal photos, listen to MP3 files, watch MP4 movies, and view Microsoft Office and PDF documents.   Download it from iTunes now for just $4.99.

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