Identity theft is one of the worst experiences to go through, especially when travelling.  These days it’s not only about physically pick-pocketing a vulnerable tourist, now there’s “electronic pick-pocketing”.  Thieves use RFID, Radio-Frequency Identification, to collect all sorts of personal information from credit cards, passports, you name it.  They simply just need to walk by closely with a portable card reader to make you their victim.  To protect yourself you can get an RFID-proof wallet, passport case, or bag.  They will block any scanners that try to steal your information.    Magellan’s and PacSafe both offer a wide variety in RFID blocking essentials for travel.  As always, when travelling whether domestic or international, you always want to be alert and aware of your surroundings especially in busy places like the airport,train stations, tourist attractions, parks etc…

Travelling should be fun and full of adventure, don’t let being a victim of identity theft ruin it for you.

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