We’re all familiar with the scenes in TV shows or movies when someone must hack into an extremely secure super computer to retrieve some confidential files.  They always make it look so suspenseful, exciting, and it really gets your adrenaline pumping.  Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how it is in real life.  The hacking you see on the big screen is far from what we think it is.  They make it look exhilarating with lots of fast typing and windows opening and being filled with tons of code.  That’s just the magic of movies and television isn’t it?  Exaggerating what real life is and sometimes even over exaggerating it.  If they didn’t make it more interesting than no one would waste their time watching.  The camera angles, the lighting, the close ups, the thrilling music, and the sweat beginning to drip off the main character’s brow; that’s what they do to get us hooked.  We can’t complain because if they portrayed hacking as it really is then we would all be so bored and begin complaining about how boring it is.  So, let’s just agree that while yes, TV and movie hacking is incredibly embellished, it is partly what makes the story so stimulating.  Take a look at the most over exaggerated hacking scenes and see just how far they’ll go to make it exciting.  Also watch a video tutorial about hacking, I think we all know which you would rather see on the big screen.




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