Here are some important reasons why you should purchase refurbished iPads directly from Apple versus a third party retailer.

If you don’t absolutely need the latest version, then purchasing a refurbished iPad will save you quite a bit.  Any of Apple’s devices are able to run iOS 7 so having the latest operating system will not be an issue.

  1. When Apple prepares an iPad to be renewed and sold, they make all necessary repairs to bring it back to life.  They use genuine Apple parts and test all devices before certifying them.  When buying from another retailer, you can never be 100% sure what you are buying and if it is authentic Apple product.

2. Battery life is very important to anyone purchasing a smart device whether it is a phone or a tablet.  Replacing a battery on your own can set you back about $99.  Apple gives all their refurbished iPads a brand new never been used battery.  They also replace the outer shell too.







3. Sometimes used products don’t come with a warranty or it is for a small window of time (30-90 days), but Apple offers a one-year warranty which is what you get when you purchase a brand new iPad.  So if anything comes up when using your refurbished iPad, no worries just take it to Apple and they will take care of it for you.


4. Not only do they offer a great warranty, but you also get the opportunity to buy AppleCare+.  It will extend your warranty and free tech support to two years and it will take care of your device along with any cables or power adapters.  Just $99 and AppleCare+ will help your iPad feel protected, and a big plus is that they even cover accidental damages.









So when you’re doing some shopping for the holidays, seriously think about a refurbished iPad which can be great for anyone.  You will be able to save some money but still enjoy a great product.  If you are thinking of a Macbook or an iPod, Apple offers those products refurbished as well.  Buying from Apple will give you peace of mind and you feel confident in your purchase.

Happy Shopping!!!

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