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iHome has a knack for making things easy to setup which gets you to enjoying the music you love a lot faster so getting the iBN10 Studio 4 Speaker System set up was a breeze.  The speaker is nicely packaged so that when you open it you can be sure that your item is in great condition.  There wasn’t too much fuss over getting it open either, it was just wrapped safely within the box and had the wall adapter, set of instructions and information, and an audio cable.  Connecting to my phone was a breeze, I simply turned on Bluetooth capability and help down the power button on the speaker for 3 seconds.  That was it!  Once I was connected, all I had to do was press play and I was jamming to my faves in no time.  It works with any device no matter if it is an iPhone/iPad, Android, or Blackberry.  Connects via Bluetooth or NFC to make it so easy and delivers some great sound.

The music came out clear and did not disappoint.  Volume was very easy to control with a convenient knob found on top of the speaker.  The power button can be found in the middle of that knob, and there are four buttons that surround it for easy controlling of your device.  Switch to FM radio or “BT” which stands for Bluetooth with just a click.  Pause and play your favorite tracks, and even answer or decline incoming phone calls.  I really liked the sleek design of this speaker and the quality of materials used.  You can proudly display this in your home and you’ll definitely want to show it off the next time you have guests over.

Overall, this is a great speaker and really delivers on style.  You can find it in our Holiday Gift Guide or on the iHome website here.


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