• Charged device quickly
  • Lasts 3-4 charges for smartphones
  • Easy to read LCD
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The Intocircuit 2nd Generation Power Castle is a 15000mAh power bank that will keep you charged up for any occasion.  I was able to charge my LG G3 from 0% to a full 100% in 2.25 hours and it only used up 26% of the battery’s power.  That means it could handle charging phones from 0% to 100% about 3.85 times, when the power bank itself is fully charged.  The time it took to charge my phone was very quick considering this is an external battery.  The LCD screen is also a great feature that I have yet to see on any other external battery.  It helps you have an accurate idea how much power you have left rather than most batteries that display a few lights.  It comes with 2 USB ports; both of which output 5V 2.4A and use SmartID.  The SmartID allows you to charge any device without having to compromise and deal with slower charging speeds because you’re not using the original charging cable.  It even has a flashlight feature that could definitely come in handy.  The Intocircuit 2nd Generation Power Castle has an aluminum alloy shell and a blue LCD; which makes it very nice and high quality.  Many external batteries can start to look cheap or “toyish”.  Overall, this is a great external battery pack and I would definitely recommend it to any Geeksters looking for something durable, long lasting, and easy to use.  You can purchase your Intocircuit 2nd Generation Power Castle from Amazon for $39.99.

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