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iSkelter is a brand of tech furniture and accessories that keep style and functionality in mind.  The products they have include lap desks, desks, docking stations, and other accessories.  They sent over one of their lap desks, the Tab, for us to try out.  If you work off your tablet or smartphone a lot, you’ll love how convenient the Tab is.  It holds your device securely so you can freely jot down notes; it even comes with a whiteboard built right in the lap desk for convenience.  It’s strong and durable so it you won’t have to worry about it being easily damaged; and it sits comfortably on your lap or securely on any soft surface.  So if you have to work in the living room, your bedroom, or hotel room; anywhere can become your office for the day.  It works great if you want to take your work outside as well, get some fresh air while you get your work done!  You can order Tab with the whiteboard on the right or left side of the desk top or without the whiteboard at all.  iSkelter gives you a beautifully crafted product that doesn’t lose focus on its main function.  No fancy bells and whistles, just pure and simple craftsmanship and design.  Normally, you can get the iSkelter Tab for $69.99, but right now it’s on sale for $49.99.

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