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What’s one of the fastest ways to ruin your long day?  You’re out doing your day, gym, work, lunch, errands, dinner with friends, etc., and your phone dies in the afternoon.  The Jackery Leaf is a great solution to the mid-day drain, with a convenient two-in-one solution.

The Leaf case is a slim protective case for all day use, small enough to know it’s barely there.  It adds just the right amount of protection though.  It’s not going to save your phone from a 15-foot fall onto concrete, but if you’re like me and throw your phone onto the couch or desk, or into a bag, this is just perfect.  I personally feel like the lip of the case that keeps the screen up when turned upside down could be a little taller (giving a little extra space between the glass and the table, for example), but others have said it’s just fine.

Now here’s the best part!  The slim protective case actually docks into the battery case, like a Transformer or part of Voltron.  The protective case has a small opening on the back that a tab on the battery slips into and clicks into place.  Once plugged in you can press the button on the back of the battery case to turn charging on or off.  This is great for when you want the battery attached, but want to save it’s extra charge for later.  There’s enough power in the battery for one full iPhone 5 or 5s charge, which takes about two hours from 0%.  The battery part of the case doesn’t add too much extra weight, and the curved back is very comfortable to hold.

What you get :

  • Two options of a protective case (matte orange finish or shiny white finish) were included.
  • One battery pack case
  • One headphone jack extender (The case is too thick for normal headphones to reach, so there’s an included extender.  Just leave it plugged into your headphones!)
  • One Micro USB cable, to charge the battery case.

What that’ll cost  you : $50

The Jackery Leaf is a great option for anyone looking for a battery pack or a case, but definitely those looking for both!  The price is extremely reasonable for what you get, a full battery recharge and two color options for a protective case.  It’s a very flexible setup, that lets you have the battery attached only when you need it, and have a light phone thats protected the rest of the time.

You can buy the Jackery Leaf at Amazon for $49.95.

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