Easy setup
Ease of use
Product design
Sound quality
  • Multi-functional: Charging dock, speaker, alarm clock, and radio
  • Clear sound quality
  • Durable product
5.0Overall Score
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The M-Stealth Docking Speaker/Alarm Clock Radio from Mutant is a multi-functional iPhone dock.  It comes with the Lightning connector so you can charge your device while playing your favorite music.  The dock itself retracts into the speaker so that when not in use you can be sure the connector is safe and out of the way.    With the M-Stealth you can set 2 different alarms and choose from waking up to your favorite song, radio station, or traditional buzzer.  The Digital FM tuner comes with 10 memory presets available so you can save all the stations you love; and can’t forget to mention the Sleep mode function so you can drift off to a peaceful sleep to the playlist of your choice.  With its easy setup and the useful features, the M-Stealth Docking Speaker/Alarm Clock Radio is a great purchase; available now in TheTechGeek Store for $89.99.

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