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The DuraFolio from Speck is a great case for your iPad Mini (as well as iPad Mini 2 and 3).  It’s a slim and fitting case so it will not add any unnecessary bulk to your iPad Mini.  The textured grip allows you to have a strong hold without worrying about dropping it.  The magnetic cover will activate the sleep/wake function allowing you to bring up your favorite apps in a matter of seconds; and with the option to use different viewing angles, it’s the optimum choice for every iPad owner.  The military grade protection you get with Speck products will give you peace of mind if the unthinkable ever does happen and your iPad Mini experiences a drop.  You’ll never have to worry with the DuraFolio.  Get your DuraFolio for iPad Mini today for just $49.95.  It also comes made for the iPad Air model; and it is available for purchase for $41.99.

The ShowFolio is a great case to use if you’re always on the go with your kids or maybe heading out on a long road trip.  You can easily attach it to the back of your head rest and it offers comfortable and hands free viewing.  No complicated setup, just unsnap the hooks from the back of the case and place onto the headrest.  Don’t need to hang your iPad for backseat viewing and just want to use the handy case as a stand, no problem it easily converts to the perfect case for just that purpose.  This case is functional and durable, you still get the strong protection that Speck is known for along with the great features such as being able to display it on your head rest.  The magnetic cover automatically puts your iPad to sleep/wakes it and keeps the cover on securely.  The ShowFolio is available for purchase for $59.95.

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