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There are 2 very important attributes that a good set of ear buds should possess; and that’s style and great sound.  TYLT products have long proven that they know how to come up with stylish and sleek products that are nothing short of great quality.  Simply put, you want a high quality product that looks great and won’t break the bank.  TYLT has definitely got you covered.  Their TUNZ Stereo Headset will most certainly deliver quality sound for your workouts, study sessions, or when you’re working overtime.  They come with their trademarked Active Gels to give you the perfect fit so it will become seamlessly a part of your routine workout.  The Active Gels are soft and light weight giving you comfort and security.  Their signature flat silicone cable will keep you tangle free so no matter what you’re doing you can enjoy your music with no fuss.  If you get a call while wearing your TUNZ Stereo Headset, no worries you can use the inline microphone and one button controller to handle any and all calls.

The TUNZ Stereo Headset were very comfortable to wear especially with the Active Gels.  They give you 3 different sizes so you can find your perfect fit.  The carrying bag made it easy to bring my headset with me wherever I went and I never had to worry about it getting all tangled or knotted up, because their flat cable really makes it easy to wrap up and store.  The sound came out nice and clear which is one of the most important features.

They come in fun bright colors and retail for $39.99; a great price for a great headset.


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