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Although having to plug in your smartphone to charge it isn’t such a terrible hassle, wireless charging does show to be extremely convenient and efficient.  The problem with cables and wires is they can become a tangled mess and get in your way becoming an unnecessary frustration.  TYLT has 2 products that offer the ease and convenience of wireless charging along with a dash of style; the TYLT VU-SOLO and VU Wireless Charging Car Mount.  The VU-SOLO is ideal for charging at home or in the office while you work.  Simply use the USB cord to plug into your computer or into a wall adapter to power it up.  The cord comes with an “Alignment Ledge” which will guide you where to place your phone each time to quickly connect and charge.  When you use your VU-SOLO for the first time simply adjust your smartphone on the charging pad until you see that it has begun charging, then place the “Alignment Ledge” right at the top of your phone so each time after that you’ll know exactly where to place your phone for immediate charging.  It’s easy to adjust if you place a different device on the charging pad so you’ll never have to worry.

The VU Wireless Charging Car Mount is just as easy to use as the VU-SOLO.  The micro-gel suction cup makes for a secure hold that you will never have to worry about no matter where in your vehicle you place it.  On your dashboard or on your windshield, the VU Wireless Charging Car Mount will hold on tightly and give you peace of mind.  It can fit any smartphone no matter what size, and the grip on the arms of the device will hug your phone so securely you’ll never worry about dropping your phone while driving.  There is a release button on the back of the mount so you can open the arms to place your phone on the charging mount and you close them to fit your phone snugly.  Near the bottom of the device on the back, you’re able to adjust the bottom ledge to fit your phone perfectly as well.  You will even get an extra rest ledge in case you have a larger phone.  You can swivel the mount for the angle that works best for you, even turning it to view your screen in landscape.  Plug in and power up through your cigarette lighter for navigating long road trips or just playing your favorite playlists to get you through rush hour.  It even has a USB port so you can charge other devices while using your VU Wireless Charging Car Mount.

If your phone doesn’t come already compatible with Qi charging then it’s easy to get a replaceable antenna or charging receiver card.  TYLT offers their wireless charging receiver card, VU-MATE, for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 (both $19.99) as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ($19.99) and 4 ($24.99).  You can also purchase a new back cover for your phone which has a wireless charging compatible antenna for a reasonable price from sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

Overall, both wireless chargers are incredibly easy to set up and use.  It takes almost no time at all to get it put together and working for you.  Don’t worry about your protective case; you will still be able to charge your phone without having to remove it.  You’ll quickly see just how easy and convenient it is to use wireless charging that you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it out sooner.  Both devices are available for purchase on the TYLT website; the VU-SOLO retails for $49.99 and the VU Wireless Charging Car Mount is $79.99.





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