Easy to use
  • Dual USB ports
  • Lightning & micro-USB connectors
  • Tangle free cables
  • Reversible USB connector
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TYLT sent over their Y-Charge [Quik], car charger with dual USB ports, and Flyp-Duo, reversible USB charge and sync cable.  Having a reliable charger for the car is essential these days, and these two products are the perfect combo to have. 

Let’s start with the Y-Charge [Quik]; it comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 so that it can charge your devices up to 75% faster.  That’s incredible, especially if you don’t have much time in the car but need to plug in before your next destination.  It comes with 2 USB ports which comes in very handy if you have a friend who needs a charge as well; or if you need to power up your smart phone and your tablet at the same time.  The Y-Charge [Quik]is also equipped with SmartDetect Technology meaning that it can sense what device you have plugged in to deliver speedy charging.  As all of TYLT products, it’s fun and stylish.  Y-Charge [Quik] comes in black or blue and is available for $39.99.  Don’t forget to check out their other options within the Y-Charge family, the Y-Charge 2.1 and Y-Charge 4.2.

The Flyp-Duo reversible USB charge and sync cable is pretty awesome.  First of all the reversible USB design is amazing; you’ll never have to flip it over and over trying to plug it in ever again!  It will go right in the very first time; I know that is a big relief to some.  Another great thing about this cable is that it comes with both micro-USB and Apple Lightning connectors so no matter what device you have you’re good to go.  It also comes in handy if you have a friend with you that has Apple and you have Android (or vice versa) and they need to borrow your cable to charge up.  This is why it’s so great to pair it with the Y-Charge [Quik] and keep it in your car.  It is available in their signature bright and vibrant colors; black, blue, green, and red; their flat ribbon design for tangle free use, and in 1 ft. or 3.3 ft. lengths.  The Flyp-Duo is available for $24.99.  They also offer their Syncable (Lightning / micro-USB), Syncable Duo on their website.

Overall, we’re always big fans of TYLT products.  They are always high quality and never disappoint.  We love seeing what new innovations they come out with next and can’t wait to share them with our Geeksters!

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