Supernova with Wrist Strap

If you run in the early morning or evening/night, safety is a number one concern.  With the Supernova with wrist reflective wrist strap will surely keep you out of danger.  With the ultra bright light and the reflective strap, motorists will be able to see from a far (up to 700 ft.), keeping you out of harm’s way.  The light is available in  4 different colors; clear, green, red, or blue.  With long battery life and an easy to adjust strap, the Supernova light is a must have for all runners and for just $16.99.

Nike+ Fuelband SE

Nike is such a quality brand it’s no surprise that it has made it onto our app and gadget list for running.  They are known for providing great products for all fitness activities so if running is not your thing, they are sure to have something that will work for you.  The Nike+ Fuelband SE will keep track of all your movement and fitness needs.  You can easily connect with friends to support and motivate each other to push to the next level.  Set daily goals and track your progress as you go.  The Nike+ Fuel band Se is available in 4 different colors on Nike’s website for $99.

Jaybird Freedom Spirit Wireless Earbuds

Wireless is a major keyword when looking for gadgets to use while running.  You don’t want to have to deal with a mess of wires or cords getting tangled.  Good ear buds can be hard to find but when you do find a good pair it can really transform your run into a productive session.  The Freedom Spirit ear buds are designed to reduce listener fatigue to keep you motivated and energized; you’ll feel more focused on your fun than distracted by uncomfortable fit or low quality sound.  You can easily regulate your music and calls with on-ear controls which work significantly better than having them on the cord.  No hassle, no interruptions!  They will fit securely in your ear so you won’t have to deal with ear buds that constantly fall out and they are sweatproof making them ideal for working out.  Great sound quality and design really make Jaybird’s Freedom Spirit ear buds a must have for any music loving runner at just $99.

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