Word came out a few months ago that we should keep an eye out for the Samsung Galaxy S5 in early 2014.  Production is scheduled as early as January and it will hit stores in February or March.

In November, we heard, all Samsung devices will feature their Isocell camera sensor, which means it will take better pictures.  It was also leaked that the S5 could have a “wraparound display” where the screen wraps over the edges of the phone.  This would be a first for a smartphone so it will be interesting if it actually happens, but there are no solid details to confirm it.

Earlier this month, word was that there would be two models available; one would feature an all metal body and the other a less expensive polycarbonate body.  Now they are saying that there will only be a metal body model.  And lastly, while not specific to the S5 it is still pretty interesting, Samsung is said to have plans to release 5 smartphones within the first quarter of 2014.  FIVE devices launched within close time frames could raise some concern, but we are very excited to see how it goes.


Rumored “wraparound” display

Possible all metal body

Possible all metal body

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