The Samsung Gear S2 combines helpful features and high quality materials all into one stylish smartwatch.  They have definitely taken the next step into creating a beautiful looking piece of high tech.  The clean and simple design of the watch itself is very pleasing to the eye, and so many band options give you the opportunity to truly express yourself.  It may look simple, but the Samsung Gear S2 is full of functionality.   You have 3 ways of navigating through your apps and messages; you can use the bezel to scroll through long messages or zoom in on a map, utilize the touch screen we’ve all grown to love, or press the home and back buttons to get to what you need.  The Samsung Gear S2 also gives you many options to track your health; you can keep track of how much water or caffeine you consume in a day, count steps, monitor activity levels, and take your pulse.  There are plentiful apps available for the anticipated smartwatch including Nike+ Running, SmartThings, Voxer, Kevo by Unikey, and much more.  Smartwatches are all about making your busy and tech cluttered life a little bit easier and more convenient, and with Samsung Pay you will be able to get in and out with any purchase you need to make.  There is no set release date, but early October has been the rumor flying around; and unfortunately no set price has been announced either.  If you’re still in the market for a sleek and feature packed Android smartwatch, keep your eye out for the Samsung Gear S2.

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