Get the most out of your Google searches, check out these tips!

Quotation marks (“”):  Use quotation marks when searching for a specific set of words.

“To be or not to be”

Dashes (-): Use a dash in front of a word when you want to eliminate it from your search.

Jaguar –animal

Tilde (~): Use a tilde in front of a word when you want to include synonyms in your search results.

Christmas ~desserts

Site (site:query): Use site:  to search within a specific website.

Link (link:query): Use link: to search for sites that link to a specific url.

Two periods (..):  Use two periods in between numbers to represent a range.  Useful for years, prices, or measurements.

Movies 1990..2000

Related (related:query): Use related: when searching for sites that are related to a specific website.

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