Selfies are everywhere.  If you’re not taking them, odds are about 90% of your friends are.  Why do people love selfies so much?  It shows others where you are or what you are doing at that very moment, it can capture fond memories you might otherwise miss, it’s visual proof that you went somewhere or saw something remarkable, or even just to document a good hair day.  Whatever the reason, people love to take them.  The main goal is to capture the perfect one and share it with your friends and the rest of the world.  Sadly, with such a big accomplishment it seems that teens are getting a whole different kind of attention than they wanted.  Marcy McQuillan, California lice expert, released a statement confirming that there was a rise in head lice incidents in teens.  She normally treats individuals who are younger, grade school age, but she has seen a significant increase in just the past year.  She asked each teen that she treated if they took selfies with friends, and she got a unanimous answer.  Yes, they all took selfies with friends who prompt them to squeeze in close and put their heads together in order to fit into the picture.  Has the digital age begun to turn their back on us and punish us for taking too many selfies?  Is this just a mere coincidence? McQuillan does admit that while very fun to take, selfies can come with a very serious consequence.









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