Smart home automation has been a booming trend lately and it’s great to see all the different innovations companies are coming up with to make it easier and more efficient.  SkyBell Video Doorbell is a small device you place at your front door and it connects to an app on your smartphone.  With the SkyBell Video Doorbell, you can not only see who’s at your door even if you aren’t home, but you can interact with them as well.  You can see, hear, and speak to your guest right from your smartphone.  You can view high quality video right on your phone, and with the wide angle lens you get a great view of who is at your door.  The motion sensor will let you know when someone approaches your front door even if they don’t ring the doorbell; the night vision feature allows you to see who’s coming no matter what time it is; and it’s built rugged to withstand extreme weather conditions.  You can purchase SkyBell right now for $199 from their website.

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