As a kid did you ever imagine what the future would look like?  Just like it is in The Jetsons?  Or robots roaming around everywhere fulfilling various tasks?  What about flying cars or living on the moon?  Well I don’t know about everyone else, but I can’t deny that I am a little disappointed that none of these predictions came true.

Did you know that you could see a doctor via Skype?  While this is something that is already going on in the states, a hospital in Staffordshire wants to be the first in Europe to partake in video chatting with patients. Using Skype to see patients will cut down on long waiting times, saving time for both the doctor and patient.  It also will be extremely convenient for those who are not able to take a day off for an appointment or patients who are not able to transport themselves there.  It is still under review with the appropriate authorities so we will have to wait and see if we can take one step towards flying cars.



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