Smart watches are everywhere!  Every company is creating their own version of the latest in wearable technology.  I never really fell in love with a smart watch because I simply didn’t like how they looked.  If I am to wear something everyday I would at least like to have something that looks nice.

Enter Gabor Balough from Budapest, Hungary.  Balough has developed a project to introduce style to the smart watch realm.  He has presented his concept of fashionable smart watches to Triwa, watch and sunglasses maker.  He too felt that smart watches just weren’t satisfying visually and wanted to do something about that.  People wear a watch as a functional accessory yes, but they also wear particular types or brands because of how they look.  Balough’s project showcases a beautifully simple yet impressive smart watch.  You almost can’t even tell it is a smart watch at first glance.  I personally think this is a great idea, combine style and technology so we can have the best of both worlds.



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