Snapchat has released an update that gives more life and fun to your videos.  They’ve been slowly but surely adding new features to keep it fun and exciting for users as well as encourage new users to download and try it out.  With this update, you will get Speed Modifiers when you shoot a video in the app.  You get the choice to make your video slow motion, fast-forward, or have a rewind effect.  A simple swipe from side to side will display each of the three new video filters.

For iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users, the update also brings 3D Touch features as well.  When you strong tap on the home screen icon of the app and will be offered options to send a snap to a friend.  Overtime Snapchat has added many features and it doesn’t seem like they plan to slow down anytime soon.  Try out the new features and share with us how you like them!

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