Sonos and Korus are two high quality brands and when it comes to home audio, you know they will definitely deliver.  Read on to see how both Sonos and Korus can really liven up not just your party, but your entire home.


The Sonos Play: 1 is a compact wireless speaker that offers big sound in a small device.  The 3.5 inch speaker comes with a mid-woofer and a tweeter; each of which has its own amplifier to deliver clear and powerful sound.  The Play: 1 is incredibly easy to set up and use, while its accompanying app makes selecting music a snap.  The app is available for Android on Google Play, and in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. iPad  You can also utilize any of your favorite streaming services including Beats Music, Spotify, and Pandora or find your favorite station on the internet radio.  With the ability to add up to 31 speakers to your system, the possibilities are endless.

To expand your system even further, you can purchase the Bridge which connects to your router instead of your Sonos speaker.  When the Bridge is connected to your router, it creates the wireless network needed to work your speakers; any additional component will be able to work off that wireless network.  Without the Bridge, you must have one of your Sonos components to be plugged into the router.  The Bridge gives you the freedom to set up your audio system just the way you like it.  With one Bridge unit, you can use up to 31 additional Sonos players without having to connect to your router.

A bonus to the Sonos line of home audio is that you can use it to enhance your home theater experience.  With their units you can mix and match to get the ultimate movie watching experience.  The clear HD sound really brings you into the movie so you feel as if you are there.

The Sonos Play:1, $199, and other home audio products such as their Play: 3 or Play: 5 are available on their website for purchase.



The Korus V400 Premium Wireless Speakers merge easy set up with great sound.  Simply plug in the appropriate baton (30-pin, Lightning, or USB) and play your favorite tunes.  They have cut out the annoying and complicated hassle of connecting your device some products make you go through.  Once you’re plugged in, you can instantly watch movies, videos, play games, and listen to your playlists with no lag time whatsoever.  During movies, videos, and games, what you see on the screen is what you are hearing exactly.  No playback issues will ever get in the way of you and your entertainment.  Using their own patented SKAA® wireless audio technology, Korus is able to take out all the annoyances and interruptions for perfect clarity.  It also offers a far range for you to be able to enjoy it all even if you aren’t right next to your device.

You don’t have to stop at just one speaker; you can add up to 4 other Korus speakers on each Baton.  Build your home audio system to your liking by adding them wherever you desire, you can have them all in one room or spread out throughout your house.  With the Korus app, you can keep control of all the speakers and their volume levels all from one place; change them individually or control them all together.  No hassle of getting the perfect volume level because it is all right there in the palm of your hand.

Since Korus uses the Batons to connect to your smartphone, you can unplug and pass it to your friends to keep the party going.  They simply need to plug it into their device and now they will have control of the tunes.

You can purchase the V400 bundle for $349.99 or V600 bundle for $449.99; each bundle comes with the speaker, a Lightning Baton, 30-pin Baton, USB Baton, and 2 charging cables. You can also purchase individual items (V400 speaker is $299, V6oo speaker is $399, Batons are $49.99 each and Baton power cable is $19.99) to add to your home system and keep it growing bigger and better.

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