Spotify has announced they are now offering a family plan for those who need multiple accounts but prefer to pay under one subscription plan.  You can have up to 5 different users maintain separate accounts all under one bill and at a discounted price too.  One subscription for Spotify premium is $9.99/month, each additional user you add on will be another $5.  2 users comes out to $14.99/month, 3 users will be $19.99/month, 4 users will be $24.99/month, and the max of 5 users comes out to be $29.99/month.  You can enjoy ad free music and offline access to all your favorite music while keeping your profile and playlists separate from everyone else.  There is no word on how they will enforce the “family” rule or if they even will really care whether or not you’re really family.  Check out the Spotify family plan rolling out within the next few weeks and see how you can save while enjoying your favorite tunes.

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