If you thought E-readers were the end of tech as far as reading goes, you were wrong.  So very wrong.  A Boston based start-up named Spritz has developed a revolutionary way to read.  They are saving time and space with just one word at a time.  As explained on their website, our eyes are doing all the work by moving across the page from word to word.  That is why it takes the time it does for us to read.  With Spritz, you will not have to have your eyes go back and forth because you see one word at a time.  They also explain that the “fast streaming of text is easier and more comfortable for the reader, especially when reading areas become smaller.”  They plan to expand this technology to not only reading e-books, emails, and text messages, but also for maps, website and more making reading and communication faster and easier for anyone.

You can try it out for yourselves right on their website and read up more on how the technology works and what they hope to accomplish.



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