If you’re a parent that has to travel often for work, Story Bug will surely come in handy.  No need to feel bad for missing out on bedtime routines and story time.  With Story Bug, you can read with your children before they get tucked in for the night.  This app allows you to choose from dozens of books, with many more being added monthly, that will truly capture the hearts of your 0-6 year olds.   Add other family members so that you can share the special bond of story time with them anytime.  Shared Reader allows each person on the call to see the same page of the book and even turn the pages together for a real interactive experience.  Your child can see where you are pointing on the page and vice versa  You get 2 books for Free and then can purchase more individually ($2.99 each) or through a subscription: $4.99/month, $14.99/6 months, or $24.99/year. So whether you’re a hard working parent who has to travel here and there, or a grandparent in another state, or an aunt/uncle in a different city, Story Bug makes it effortlessly easy to interact with the young children of your life and make story time a special time for bonding and making memories.  Download the app for Free from the App Store now and start reading and sharing tonight.

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