A business card can be extremely important to any business professional, entrepreneur, artist, or musician.  It helps you stand out in a future client or business connection’s mind when you may be competing against many other potential opportunities.  Making a good impression is a crucial part of expanding your network.  swivelCard and can help you do just that; they look just like ordinary business cards but with an added bonus.  With built in USB technology, swivelCard is able to hold more information than any regular business card.  You can add photos, videos, presentations, or websites to really boost your business; and you can even see information such as how your card is being used to better understand what attachments work best.   swivelCard even allows you to have remote access to continue interaction with the card recipient.  Did you create or find another document that would really help your business relationship with a new contact after meeting them?  No problem, you can go in and upload items onto individual cards to make sure everyone has exactly what they need.  It’s a great way to keep contacts up to date on all your latest projects and achievements.  They also offer Mini swivelCards if you are not sure about diving into using smart business cards, you can just test them out first.  At the moment, they have 8 card designs you can choose from and plan to add more as their Kickstarter campaign grows more.  They have already raised more than 5 times their goal and still have about a month left to go.




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