Apple iPad Air      Price: Starting at $499

If you’re an Apple lover than I’m sure you’re no stranger to hearing about the iPad Air.  It’s everything you love about Apple products and then some all squeezed into the thinnest lightest tablet you’ve ever seen.  Despite being known for its slim stature, the Air is still a full sized tablet at 10 inches and will not leave you wanting more.  So what?  It’s a thin tablet, why should you be impressed?  Well, it is also one of the fastest tablets on the market today.  You can even download tons of free apps to customize it to your specific liking.  Power and looks, what more could you want?  It’s a full size tablet without the bulk and top performance.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z       Price: Starting at $450

Sony has always been known to produce top quality products, and they spared no exceptions with the Xperia Tablet Z.  It’s lightweight and even water resistant so it is perfect for the techie who may want to have a how to session in the kitchen or watch a movie or two by the pool.  Be cautious though, because they may be coming out with a newer version sometime soon, this particular version is a little bit older than some tablets that are going like hot cakes at the moment.

Asus Transformer Book      Price: Starting at $393

The price on this Asus Transformer Book may be an eye catching detail.  Don’t let the lower price make you think that you will get less quality, power, or style.  With 11 hours of battery life, you are sure to love it and probably end up glued to it until it powers off at 0% power.  Not much for storage when it comes to big apps that require a lot of space, but the fact that it can be a tablet one second and a laptop the next just may be enough to lure you in.  It’s not always true, what they say:  You get what you pay for.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2      Price: Starting at $899

Now, if price is no object and you are interested in the crème de le crème of tablets, look no further.  The Surface Pro 2 is just as impressive as the Ultrabook just lacking the attached keyboard.  Strong and fast insides to keep up with your downloading and editing needs, the Surface Pro 2 is sure to please.  The Surface Pro 2 offers a long battery life (better than its predecessor) and more room for storage.  Oh and definitely do not want to forget to mention that it is beautifully thin and light weight than its older sibling Surface Pro, even at 10.6 inches.

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