Google Nexus 7:      Price: Starting at $229

If you’re searching for something not as large as a 10 inch tablet, the next level down would be these 7 and 8 inch beauties.  Google is sure to please with this tablet and you will not feel cheated with a cheap product.  Offering a sharp and crisp display, lightning speed, and even wireless charging, it’s no wonder that it is one of the most loved tablets on the market.  No need to worry about missing out on any kind of fabulous features, the Nexus 7 is sure to impress.

Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display:      Price:  Starting at $399

As mentioned before, fans of Apple never expect to feel any kind of disappointment or buyer’s remorse when purchasing the latest new release.  The Mini produces a smaller and thinner version of the already loved iPad.  At just 7 inches it’s easy to think you’re getting less, not only in size but in the vital pieces as well.  No need to worry though, with the iPad Mini you are getting a display that is far ahead of most.  As for other 7 or 8 inch tablets, Apple provides the highest resolution available.  You will also really appreciate the 128GB storage which you don’t see very often with a tablet of this size.  With all the benefits comes a price.  If you want the very best, be ready to pay for it.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX:     Price: Starting at $229

Don’t judge a book by its cover; the Kindle Fire HDX may be small in size but it is big in performance and extra benefits.  Unlike other tablets out there, you have access to live support anytime you need it which is uncommon with this market.  If you do go with the Kindle Fire HDX, you must make sure that you really love Amazon.  They obviously push their content and products for their own tablet, so if you favor using Google Play then it’s best you stick with an Android tablet.  The Kindle has really grown a diverse line of products that can fit for all different types of needs a customer can possibly have.  With their wide range and exceptional options, you will be happy about this purchase.

Dell Venue 8 Pro:      Price: Starting at $299

Dell’s Venue 8 Pro really offers up all you need in a PC in a small portable device.  You have the ability to run Windows apps and even use a microSD for additional storage.  Another good point about the Venue 8 Pro is that the price is justified so you won’t have to feel guilty for splurging.  The PC like features may appeal to many who love to use Windows without needing a full desktop computer or even a laptop.

Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4:      Price: Starting at $400

Samsung is known for packing their devices with the most.  Their smartphones seem like mini versions of their tablets which make them so desirable.  The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is their smallest tablet, but don’t doubt that it will leave you wanting more.  The screen resolution and speed will really blow you away while the “magazine-like” display of apps gives you a fresh view opposed to the familiar tile grid layout.


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