Calling all food loving Geeksters!!!  If you love to find new gems around your hometown or you love to share your experiences and favorites with others, then you have got to check out Tastemade.  The Tastemade app showcases the best eats in each city as seen through the eyes of those who have experienced it themselves.  Watch one minute videos made by other users about the best places to eat and the top dishes to try.  Or you can make your own videos; with their easy to use interface and step by step guide they’ll come out looking professional.  It’s a global community of “Tastemakers” who love to explore the world of food and to share their passion with like-minded curious foodies.  So whether you are exploring a new city, on vacation, or discovering new favorites in your hometown, Tastemade will help open up your eyes and options to the world of food around you.  Download it today for FREE from the App Store and Google Play.


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