I was on my way to Apps World on the train and I noticed that everyone was glued to their smartphones.  That made me glad that I’m not single because I wouldn’t even know how to approach a girl. Do you try to hack into her phone with a picture of you with a cute note?

It just seems that we are way too connected all the time and it’s starting to cause problems! First it was texting and driving, but now it’s basically texting and anything.  They have done a lot to educate people in the seriousness and danger of texting and driving.

San Francisco had a huge increase in pedestrian accidents in the past year. They’re saying the raise in these incidents are from people not paying attention while walking and texting!

Now just imagine a moron driving and texting; then here comes an oblivious pedestrian walking and texting. What do you think will happen?  Something really bad things! Is it really so difficult to actually call someone once in a while?!

I get it, technology is fun and exciting; but why not just pull over if you absolutely need to reply to a text. Or stop and lean on a lamppost until you’re done responding to your BFF.

Now with the risk of sounding like I’m 100 years old, this is for all the future Romeo’s out there. I think the future of the romantic relationship is in grave danger! I’ve been out and seen the same scenario a few too many times.  Can you guess what that scenario is?  A couple on a “date” yet they’re both on their cell phones instead of getting to know each other.  So you’re wondering what to do when you’re out for dinner with a date and your phone begins to buzz. Should you check it and reply with a quick LOL?  Or do you keep your phone in your pocket on silent so that you can enjoy your date.  I know that if I was having dinner with someone and they barely looked up from their cell phone screen, I would think they are just not interested me.

Technology is incredible, but it’s kind of taking over our lives. We’re having more car accidents, pedestrians even being injured or even worse killed, and it even effects how relationships develop.  What’s next?  Texting during a family dinner asking to pass the carrots?!

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Technology is getting ridiculous! They just want to complicate everything and it’s annoying! Growing up we played outside until the sun went down, nowadays kids are glued to their screens and it's all thanks to technology.

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