Kids are way too consumed by technology that is clear, but do parents really need an app to tell them it’s dinner time??  Just tell them it’s dinner time!  The DinnerTime App basically tells your kid when to stop playing and go to the dinner table.  As the parent you can set how long they are not able to use the device from 30 minutes to 2 hours.   There’s even a feature for bedtime; you set when the device should remain off (your child’s bedtime) and when it can be used again.  Kids should be doing homework, studying, doing chores, or playing outside before dinner; not plopped on the couch with a screen inches away from their face and zoning out like a zombie.  Or maybe as a parent, you need to set some rules on when and where they can use the devices.  Only after they finish their homework and chores and only for 1 hour; or if you’re really strict, maybe only on the weekends.  Either way, it just seems ridiculous that an app exists to lock your tablet or other Android device just so you can have your family sit down together for a meal. C’mon people!

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Technology is getting ridiculous! They just want to complicate everything and it’s annoying! Growing up we played outside until the sun went down, nowadays kids are glued to their screens and it's all thanks to technology.

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