Here are some tips on how you can avoid Computer Vision Syndrome.

  1. Keep computer monitor away from window. Excess light and glare cause more eyestrain, adjustable shades are really useful to control sunlight, and keep from facing a completely open window because the difference in the brightness will cause much discomfort

  2. Check monitor placement, both height and distance.  Optimal position is 5-9 inches below your horizontal line of vision and at least 20 inches away

  3. Keep reading materials and devices away.  Make sure that any documents you may need to use frequently are in good position compared to where your computer is, this can help with having to look back and forth and prevent some neck problems.  This also works for viewing your smartphone or tablet, try not to hold it so close to you when using it this will add to your CVS.

  4. Adjust screen brightness.  Modifying screen brightness can really help reduce eyestrain and also pay attention to different amounts of light throughout the day if near an open window.

  5. Give your eyes a break.  Make sure to give your eyes a rest once in a while, this may not keep you from feeling the symptoms of CVS but it can help with discomfort.  A good rule to remember is the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away, minimum.

  6. Don’t forget to blink.  This may sound like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many of us can get so involved in our work we may forget.  Blinking helps keep your eyes moist to keep them from getting dry and irritated.

  7. Have good posture.  Posture is very important especially if you are sitting at your desk for majority of the day.  Leaning forward or slumping down can greatly affect your vision and lead to neck and back pains as well.

  8. Upgrade your monitor.  Is it time to ask your boss for a new monitor?  If you are working with an outdated model, this may be adding to your vision issues.  See about getting a newer version so that your eyes won’t have to take so much abuse.

  9. Always get your annual eye exam.  It is very important to get your eyes checked every year, especially if you work on a computer a lot.  Many times people will not see a change from year to year, but sometimes you will come across a big change.

  10. Wear glasses made especially for computer use.   There are many options available that can relieve eye strain and prevent headaches.  There are even glasses for long gaming sessions.  It may not be the best solution, but I promise you will see and feel a big difference.

Those are just some tips and I hope that they help you out!  Remember to always take care of yourself!

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