Trivia Crack is not just any normal trivia game app; it will excite the competitiveness within you that you may not have even known existed.  There are 6 different categories: Geography, Science, History, Sports, Art, and Entertainment.  Answer 3 questions in a row correctly and you can answer another question in hopes of obtaining a “crown” or “character”, the main goal is to be the first one to receive all 6 characters against your opponent.  You can play against your friends or random players from all over the world.  Your turn will continue as long as you keep answering questions correctly, if you get a question wrong then it is your opponent’s turn.  The wheel you spin at each turn tells you what category you will be getting a question from.  The wheel has a 7th spot on it though, this spot has a picture of a crown and if you fall on here you won’t have to wait to answer 3 questions to try and get a character.  You earn coins for games you win and can use those coins towards bonuses to help you get the right answers.  There are even challenges you can create between you and multiple users to see who can answer the most out of 12 correctly and with the fastest time.  Challenge yourself, and challenge your friends!  Download it for FREE from Google Play and the App Store and start challenging your friends today!

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