Twitter has made some changes recently to make your social networking and sharing experience even better.  The first thing they added was the “recap” feature.  This will allow you to see what tweets you may have missed while you were away handling business.  Based on engagement, it will highlight the day’s tweets for you so that if you weren’t able to check your Twitter feed throughout the day you won’t have to worry about missing anything important.  You can easily spot the featured tweets because you’ll see the headline “While you were away”.  This feature is now available for iOS but has yet to be released for Android or the website versions.

Another new feature Twitter was proud and excited to introduce was tweet translation.  Now you’ll be able to read tweets in different languages with the help of Bing translation.  Simply select the tweet and click or tap the globe icon to view the translation.  You can change your target language or completely disable the translation feature through your account settings on the website via a desktop or laptop.  It is now available on their website, TweetDeck, Android, and iOS.

The next feature they are introducing is group messaging.  Now you can have a private conversation with a group of fellow Tweeters.  So if you want to continue some conversations but don’t necessarily want to have them for the public to see, you can have a private conversation with whomever you choose.  Also, this feature will be really helpful because you need to talk to more than one person at once.  Not everyone involved in the group chat must follow each other for it to work so that is extremely helpful.  You start the conversation with any of your followers and you’re set to go.

Lastly, Twitter now allows you to capture and share videos within the app.  Make your Twitter experience a more personal one with videos to accompany your tweets.  They want your experience to be seamless and easy.  No need to exit the app to record a video then post it for your followers to enjoy.  Do it all within the app and never miss out on a single thing.  Your viewers just simply tap the thumbnail to begin playing your video. The in-app video feature is currently being rolled out to all users, so look forward to sharing a more personal experience on Twitter very soon!


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