Do you know just how safe and secure your smartphone really is?  You can never be too safe right?  ViaProtect is a free app from ViaForensics created to detect any weaknesses in security of your phone.  ViaProtect categorizes information into 3 different sections.

Organization: Reports will show which organizations are able to access personal data.

Country:  Reports will show which countries have access to your data.

Encrypted Traffic:  Reports what amount of your data is encrypted and secure.

Data will be updated daily so that does mean that the app will have to continually run in the background.  ViaProtect shows you your information clearly and you can easily see if your security is at low risk or hopefully not at high risk.  Individuals with who are jailbroken will most likely display a higher risk due to modifications.

Security is always a really important so if it makes you feel safer knowing exactly how much and what others can see then ViaProtect will give you the answer.   Better to know if you’re not secure right?



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