If you’re looking to get the most out of any physical activity, then Vivir Gear is just the thing for you!  Vivir Gear turns any activity no matter what the intensity level into a full workout.  The wellness apparel made from patent-pending technology gives your body infrared heat which is much like being in a personal sauna.  The heat helps burn additional calories and can add to any workout making you more productive and be able to get more out of each workout.  Even if you wear Vivir while doing daily chores or tasks, you’ll be making your body work more and burn more calories and that will only benefit you more.  Vivir Gear feels just like any other workout apparel, except you will be getting so much more when you put it on.  Ever want to practice hot yoga without having to go to an expensive studio?  Now you can enjoy your yoga practice at home and turn it up a notch without having to turn up the heat.  Vivir Gear will give you so much more than just any regular old workout.  It will kick it up to a whole new level without you exerting yourself too much.  Wear alone, or underneath other clothing; Vivir Gear is high quality and made in the USA.  It is safe to wear even if you fall asleep with it on in the highest setting, you are completely safe.  It can help detoxify and relieve pain on top of helping you burn more calories.  Vivir Gear will retail for $399 and will be available later this year.  Later this month, there will be a crowdfunding campaign that will be launched and there will be a limited number of highly discounted first run units available.  Keep checking back for more information on that on their website.

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