A shock came to many people who use an Asus router, and sadly this isn’t the first incidence.  Back in June, Kyle Lovett reported that there was an issue with exposed hard drives.  This time around, it involves router and documents being accessed by anyone on the internet and requires no login credentials.  That is a very scary thought!  Users were surprised with this bit of news by a mysterious text file that had magically appeared on their hard drive.  Another scary fact is that the previous occurrence was brushed off as non-urgent when Lovett tried to report this security flaw to Asus.  Asus’ AiCloud feature seems to be the problem area; default settings do not protect users and need to be manually set in order to do so.  Doesn’t seem like the best default setting to provide.  All Asus users must be careful and check their settings, if they did not receive this anonymous note then that doesn’t exactly mean that they were unaffected and are safe.  It’s best if they double check their hardware too.  Of course when users find out they are upset and want to know why it was set up this way.  If you are an Asus user, please make sure your settings are set suitably to keep you protected; Lovett listed the Asus models that were exposed.



Warning text file

Mysterious text file informing Asus users

Mysterious text file informing Asus users

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