This is the first post of a series explaining where tech names came from.

Our first post is featuring the origin of the name Bluetooth.  Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson was the king of Denmark who united Denmark and Norway.  There are a few theories of how Gromsson received his nickname; one being that he loved eating blueberries so much that they had stained his teeth.  Jim Kardach, and Intel engineer, accepted a role as a cross-corporate mediator working to bring different companies together to generate a standard for short-range radio connectivity.  During this time, mid 1990s, Kardach was reading a book about King Harald Gormsson.  He learned that Gormsson strived to bring nations together as one; much like how Kardach was working to bond the PC and cellular industries.  The Bluetooth logo is even tied into the story; it is actually the initials of the late King written in Scandinavian runes.

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