If you think of the biggest search engine available on the web, you immediately think of Google.  You can’t help but wonder what does “Google” mean? Larry Page, cofounder and current CEO, felt that the name seamlessly echoes his vision of the limitlessness of the Web.  Googol is a term in mathematics meaning the number 10 to the 100th power or 1 with 100 zeros following.  The reason for the different spelling comes from Page’s Stanford classmate Sean Anderson.  While brainstorming a name, Anderson suggested “googolplex” and Larry agreed that it was a fitting name but proposed the shortened “googol” be a better decision.  When Anderson searched online to see if the domain googol.com was available he misspelled googol as “google”.  The domain name ended up being available and Page ended up liking it, so they kept it as Google.


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