Are you new to the Apple world?  Here is a quick guide to helping you figure out which MacBook is right for you.  For more detailed information and specs, click the links to go directly to the Apple site.

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is the standard version that does not have the Retina display.  This laptop is great for the user who doesn’t want to sacrifice too much, it is not as fast as but it can beat the MacBook Air in some tasks.  While it may not be the lightest or have the sharpest display, you can be rest assured that the Pro is an exceptional device and will perform past your expectations.  For the strength and reliability of the Pro with a better display, check out the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

11” starting at $1199







MacBook Pro with Retina Display

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display has a HD display that will make images and text look so clean and crisp you might forget you’re looking at a computer screen.  This MacBook is the leader of performance of all the MacBooks.  It is ideal for the user who wants a portable computer but with exceptional performance.  It is available in 13” and 15” screen sizes.  So for someone who wants the ability to do all that Mac products offers plus the added boost of processing power and incredible display, the Retina MacBook Pro is for them.

13” starting at $1299

15” starting at $1999






MacBook Air

This MacBook Air is known to be thinnest and lightest of its peers, just as the name suggests.  It is available in an 11” or 13” screen; even the larger size will only weigh 3 pounds.  The Air is perfect for someone who is constantly on the go and doesn’t want to lug around a huge and heavy laptop, but needs the functionality of a laptop where an iPad may lack.  With such a thin and sleek device you need not worry about missing out on any vital hardware.  The Air is equipped with all the fastest and latest technology just like any other Apple MacBook.   This is a great choice for students.

11” starting at $999

13” starting at $1099

13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display VS. 13"MacBook Air

13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display VS. 13″MacBook Air

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