Ease of use
Battery Life
  • Small size
  • Long battery life
  • Made sharing photos/videos so easy
  • Must be within range to connect and log in
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So I recently had a big family party to celebrate someone’s birthday and let me tell you, amongst all my aunts, uncles, and my cousins we had hundreds of pictures to share!  Luckily, Modish had sent me a Wifoto to try out; what a lifesaver!

Wifoto is a wireless cloud storage that allowed us to upload and share all our photos with each other eliminating the annoying chore of emailing everyone or tagging them online.  All you have to do is insert an SD card into the Wifoto, turn it on and it creates a WiFi network.  Connect to that WiFi network and with the app (AirStor available on Google Play and the App Store); you’re just a few taps away from sharing photos and videos.

Some of my family doesn’t even use social networking sites and emailing big files can be a pain.  It has a long battery life because it lasted throughout the entire party, and it’s so small you won’t have to worry about it being in the way.  It’s easy to set up and use and it saved me a ton of time!  With summer being the season of BBQs and parties, I am sure Wifoto will come in handy.

Available for purchase:

TheTechGeek Store  and Amazon $49.99


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