Fun word games are always a good staple to keep on your phone.  They’re great for passing the time and can help you keep your mind sharp.

Four Letters

One fun word game is Four Letters.  You are given four letters and all you have to do is make one word using all four of the letters and then you move on to the next set.  You are being timed though so don’t sit and think too long.  Earn a point for every word you come up with and try to beat your personal best each time.  You’ve got to think quick before time runs out!  It will even show you on the screen how many words can be made using the given combination of letters.  Four Letters is quick, fun, and easy to play.  It’s FREE to download and play from the App Store and Google Play.  You can make an in-app purchase to disable ads.

Word Search

Word search games are fun and simple to play.  There are many versions available in both the App Store and on Google Play, but I found this one in particular to be very clean and aesthetically pleasing as well as having tons of categories to choose from and puzzles to keep you busy.  There are 25 different categories you can choose  from for puzzle themes and within each category are countless puzzles to keep you occupied.   You can enjoy the traditional leisurely game mode where you do get timed how long you take to complete the puzzle, or you can try Blitz Mode which starts you off with just 60 seconds to finish and adds on 10 seconds for every word you find.  Also choose from 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, or Difficult.  It’s even available in different languages so no matter where in the world you are from, you can enjoy a fun word search game.  You can also choose different color themes to customize it to your personal preference.  It’s simple design makes it easy on the eyes so you can play until your heart is content.  Word Search is also FREE to download and play from the App Store and Google Play.

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