YouTube has to be one of the best things we have gained from the internet; we can learn how to do things by watching tutorials or share our talents with the world.  There is so much you have access to from just one website, but there are some pesky ads that can be annoying to frequent viewers.  YouTube Red is a subscription video service that allows you to say goodbye to ads and freely watch all the videos your heart desires.  Not only do you get to view ad free, but it is also rumored that you will be able to have access to exclusive content.  The subscription will cost you $9.99/month, so depending on your usage of the website; that may be a fair price to pay.  On top of watching ad free and getting original content, YouTube Red includes what used to be known as YouTube Music Key which comes with a full subscription to Google Play Music.   To make the deal even sweeter, YouTube Red opens the doors for you to enjoy YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids.  You get a lot for just $9.99/month; the service will be available to the US on October 28th.

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